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Please provide as much information as possible.
**HA Client version:** <!-- Main app menu => About HA Client -->
**HA Client version:** [Main menu -> About HA Client]
**Home Assistant version:** <!-- 0.94.1 for example -->
**Home Assistant version:**
**Device name:** <!-- Pixel 2 for example -->
**Device name:**
**Android version:** <!-- 8.1 for example -->
**Connection type:** <!-- For example "Local IP" or "Remote UI" or "Own domain"-->
**Login type:** <!-- For example "HA Login" or "Manual token"-->
**Android version:**
Describe your issue here
[Replace with description]
Please provide screenshots if it is a UI issue. Also you can attach screenshot from Home Assistant web UI as an expected result
Right after issue reproduced go to app menu and tap "Log". Copy log with a "Copy" button in the upper-right corner and post it below
[Replace this text with your logs]
[Replace with screenshots]